Tips and tools to help you reduce your phone use and have a better relationship with your phone. Get back time, and improve your sleep, mental health, focus and creativity!

Smartphones are amazing tools! They make life easier and more accessible in so many ways.

Yet they also have their downsides. Many apps have been designed to be addictive. And their mobility means we are rarely without them.

This guide will help you reduce your phone use. It’s not about throwing your phone down the toilet, but about being in control of your use!

This free guide includes:

Understanding the negative impact phone use can have and why we might want to reduce our use

10 ideas that will help you reduce your phone use

Action plan to move forward with in reducing your phone use


Sam Flynn is a digital wellbeing coach, trainer and speaker.

Sam has worked for over 13 years in the digital world as a social media trainer, runs an employee survey company and has a background in Organisational Psychology.

Sam has delivered talks worldwide on the impact of the digital world.

She is passionate about helping others create a positive relationship with the digital world.

Sam Flynn smiling in a black dress holding a phone

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