Just Beauty Social Media Management

If all your employees are dedicated to looking after your customers, it can be really difficult to find enough time to use social media to its maximum potential.  Social media is so perfectly situated for the beauty industry that it is a real shame to miss the opportunity to use it to help build your business.

Just Beauty Social Media Management provides a full social media management service so you can attract lots of new business each month without having to take on extra employees to manage the social media, or take time away from those who have other roles to fill.

You’ll be assigned a social media manager who will work with your company to build a daily online presence that attracts new business.  Our social media managers manage only beauty industry accounts, meaning they are always at the forefront of new industry news.  They also have a full understanding of using social media within the beauty industry to attract new business.

We only work with one business within each geographical area and so, by taking on our services, you are putting yourself ahead of your competition.

Management packages include, at a minimum, Twitter and Facebook, with premium packages also including LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube and blogging.

All management packages include free membership to the Entrepreneur’s Circle (worth £828 a year!) to help you grow your business.

Call us now on 0161 4520790 to discuss the opportunities for Just Beauty Social Media Management and your beauty business!

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