I’m Sam Flynn

Digital wellbeing and social media coach, trainer and speaker

Helping you manage your relationship with the digital world




Digital Wellbeing

Working with organisations to improve digital culture and individuals and parents to manage smartphone and social media use


International digital wellbeing and social media speaker, with talks on both topics and the impact they can have 

Social Media Training

Social media marketing training designed around your business objectives, audience and products or services, to grow your business

Reduce Your Phone Use

Short course for individuals to help reduce smartphone use, gain back time and improve digital wellbeing, sleep and mental health

About Me

With a background in Business Psychology, my businesses include running employee engagement surveys for organisations, improving digital culture and delivering social media training.

Social media training has formed the main part of my business activity for over 12 years.  I work with organisations of all sizes to improve their social media marketing and help them understand how to maximise it for their organisation.

I am passionate in helping businesses create a positive digital culture.  In this ‘always on’ world, it’s really important that we understand the importance of switch off and avoiding digital burnout.  Managing digital solutions within businesses is so important for both employee productivity and for their wellbeing.

I also help individuals manage their personal smartphone use, to gain back time, sleep, focus and to improve their mental health.

I have spoken worldwide, including at Prince Harry’s Sentebale foundation in Lesotho, Africa.  I love speaking to audiences about improving our digital wellbeing and about social media marketing for business.



Sam delivered an incredibly engaging seminar on Social Media for a group of officers from Town/Parish Councils in Cheshire, including four members of my team. Working with Sam to plan the content was easy and she delivered a fantastic day. My staff were enthused by the content and came back with plenty of ideas to put into practice. I had numerous other e-mails praising Sam’s course from the other councils which attended.

Adam Keppel-Green

Town Clerk, Knutsford Town Council

Sam has a wealth of knowledge in the rapidly changing world of Social Media. She helped me dramatically increase my presence online which has directly led to a number high level engagements in my field that may well not have happened otherwise. She helped break down that fear factor of what to do and say and enlightened us to how powerful the world of social media can be if used in the right way. Thanks Sam and would recommend her services if you are looking to maximize the world of social media for your business

George Giles

Head of Environmental Power, Siemens

I’ve known Sam for a number of years & recently joined Planet Social Media to gain insights how to manage my social media activlties. The concept is great, Sam has provided loads of resources and built a community of users. This helps us share ideas and talk about what’s happening in our businesses. Sam also organises weekly ( at the moment ) team calls so we can all be involved in each others successes. You should join Planet Social Media if you would like some advice and action points to improve your social media knowlegde and usage.

James Broadbent

Training and Coaching Consultant


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What Is Digital Wellbeing?

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