Your child having a smartphone can be a scary experience as a parent, which can lead us to react with the wrong approach. Are you making these 10 mistakes?

Parenting in the digital world can be tricky!! Many parents dread their child getting a phone or wish they didn’t have one.

Smartphones can have such a negative impact on our wellbeing. But they can also be very useful tools too. And it can feel unavoidable when it comes to your child receiving a phone.

So, what are the common mistakes that parents make when it comes to their child’s smartphone use?

This free guide includes:

The 10 mistakes to avoid when it comes to your child's smartphone use

Why you might not be the best digital role model for your child

Avoiding smartphones being a source of conflict in your household


Sam Flynn is a digital wellbeing coach, trainer and speaker.

Sam has worked for over 13 years in the digital world as a social media trainer, runs an employee survey company and has a background in Organisational Psychology.

Sam has delivered talks worldwide on the impact of the digital world.

She is passionate about helping others create a positive relationship with the digital world.

Sam Flynn smiling in a black dress holding a phone

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