Refund Policy

You may cancel your membership within 7 days of taking your membership out. You will have your full payment returned to you, this will be processed by us automatically however please allow seven to ten working day for this to clear into your account. Upon cancellation, your membership will be terminated immediately and you will no longer have access to the great content that is provided to you by Sam Flynn.

After 7 days you may still cancel your membership with us. However you may not be entitled to a full or partial refund. A considered and final decision will be made by management as to whether a refund shall be given of any amount. The amount refunded may not reflect the true remaining value of the membership.

Cancellation does not affect you in the future, should you wish to purchase a product, event tickets, membership, or anything else that is available for sale on this website you will be able to do so regardless of previous cancellations of any product or service.

Payments and refunds for membership products are powered by WorldPay.