Social Media Training

Both in-house training and online training are completely designed around your business objectives, product or service and your target market.  I help you explore how you can be different and stand out to your audience on social media!  


When you need more in-depth social media training, focused specifically on your business, in-house training is the best option!

In-house training focuses on building your audience with the right people, creating content that appeals to them and converting that audience in to paying customers.

The training can take place at your premises and we recommend that no more than 15 delegates attend to allow all delegates enough time and attention to get their questions answered.


Online social media training is very similar to in-house training, other than how it is delivered!  

The session takes place online, meaning no travel is needed, the session can be split in to multiple shorter sessions and the session is recorded for you to watch back or share with other employees.

These sessions can be 1:1 or 1:many.  There is opportunity to ask questions through the session, and to share the screen for demonstrations.