Social Media Success Secrets

 Thursday 25th September

9am – 5pm




If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, marketer or social media manager, you NEED to read on!!! 


“The biggest one day social media event to hit Manchester this year!!”


If you are ready to really snowball your social media success, and have fun while doing it, you need to be at this event!  

This is the third time I’ll be running Social Media Success Secrets, and I’m so excited to be doing it all again at Manchester235 in the centre of Manchester!  I really enjoy making social media training fun for my clients and I’m going to make sure this event is exactly that!  FUN!!!  

But, there will be a serious element to the day too.  Because ‘Social Media Success Secrets’ is going to deliver exactly that – the secrets you need to know to make social media success a reality for you!  


“I have a much fuller understanding of social media and how to use it PROPERLY! The course and its content was exceptionally delivered in a non jargon way, which for this dinosaur made it so easy to understand. Thanks Sam for all your support pre and post event!”Simon Lincoln, SLR Solutions


Dear entrepreneur, small business owner or marketer,

Most businesses are now using social media every day to help market their business and let more people know they exist!  BUT, around 80% of businesses are winning no, or very little, business through social media!  CRAZY!!

I really want to open more businesses’ eyes to the impact that social media can have when used in the right manner, and move them in to the 20% that are winning lots of business through social media.

I also have a passion for helping businesses grow, which is why I always include way more than just social media advice in my training!  In fact, a lot of the full day session will focus on business growth as a whole, as social media should really be part of this!  It is, after all, a great way to help your business grow!

So, if you want to join 100 other business owners and marketers for a fun-filled and knowledge-packed day, book your ticket now!!


That’s right, I said 100!!!  

This event is going to be HUGE!  



“A brilliant full day & the complete masterclass, the experience was awesome & so informative. Sam’s passed on so much knowledge & this added clarity to the social media world on several critical factors. I would personally highly recommend anybody who is active on Social Media to spend the time & small investment to have a much greater understanding, of How, Why & Who. Virtually no stone unturned!!!”Eric Appleby, Premier Capital Options


Want to know what I’ll be sharing with you at Social Media Success Secrets?!


You will discover:

  • the deep thinking you need to give to what you’re selling before using social media
  • understanding what the point of your business is and why you want to use social media to promote it
  • getting clear on who your target market is and how you’re going to find them online
  • how you can get your social media profiles just right, so people want to buy before you even say anything!
  • how to avoid wasting your whole day online, managing your social media in only 20 minutes every day
  • what to say online to pull people towards you rather than push them away
  • the art of interaction – building conversations to convert followers and fans in to paying customers
  • going direct to your customer’s needs online
  • capturing leads through social media to continue marketing to your prospects
  • the 7 step formula to your social media success
  • the actions you need to take in your business to guarantee your success in business AND social media



The content is going to be different to a lot of the social media training you may have seen before!  There’ll be lots of focus on the psychological aspects of using social media, as well as tonnes of business growth advice that will leave you with way much more than a deeper understanding of social media.

In fact, this event could really create a turning point in your business!


“Sam Flynn’s Social Media Success Secrets Training really blew me away! Sam demonstrated her vast knowledge and understanding of practically everything there is to know about Social Media and delivered the knowledge in a simple and practical way. I learned so much and came away with pages and pages of notes. I’ve already started to implement a number of ideas and I’m seeing immediate results!”Robbie Birchall, Invent a Better Future 


So, who am I and why am I putting on this event?


Hi, I’m Sam Flynn – the social media success maker!  And that is what I do!  I help businesses throughout the UK achieve success through using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.   

My background in business psychology has given me a real grip of how to use these brilliant platforms to meet your business aims and, in particular, win new customers.  After all, success through social media is achieved not through the technology but the way you use it to build relationships with your target market!

When I started my first business at the naive age of 24 years, I had no idea about social media!  But I quickly learned I was going to have to get to grips with these platforms as they didn’t seem to be going anywhere and were growing every day!  So, I took 3 months out to learn everything I could about social media!  The impact – IMMENSE!  I now get the majority of my clients through social media.

Now, I’m not suggesting you take 3 months out to learn.  Instead, come along to this event, and I’ll share as much of that knowledge as I can possibly fit in to a full day!!

I speak at events up and down the country on how businesses can use social media to meet their objectives.  But, once again, it’s time to speak on my own stage (or Manchester235’s!), so I really hope you can make it along to Social Media Success Secrets!



Plus, every single attendee at Social Media Success Secrets will also receive the following bonus!


All attendees to Social Media Success Secrets will receive free admission to an online social media success forum, where you can get your questions answered by Sam, network with other attendees and get general business advice!


Ready to book your place?


You can book your place at Social Media Success for only £197+vat!


And, if you’re still not convinced that this day is going to lead to a serious turnaround in your social media fortune, I’ve got a brilliant guarantee for you!



You’ll get your money back if, during the course of the day:

You’re learning nothing new about using social media to grow your business

You feel that there’s no way social media can work for your business

You haven’t laughed at least once during the course of the day!




So, are you ready to take the steps to social media success!!





I can’t wait for this event!!!  I’m so excited to be sharing it with you!.

See you on the 25th September!

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn Social Media

p.s.  Don’t worry if you’re not using social media yet.  This event will give you a great foundation in getting you started!!  And, if you’ve been using social media for a while, there’ll be loads of new ideas for you too!

p.p.s.  This is definitely going to be a buzzing event!  100 people in one room!  I can’t wait!!!!