I regularly speak at events worldwide on digital wellbeing, digital culture in business and in using social media to grow your business.

Events I speak at include conferences, networking events, specific industry events, awards ceremonies, events hosted by companies for their clients, and exhibitions.

My digital wellbeing and digital culture talks explore the negative impact that the digital world could be having on us personally and as businesses.  I help the audience explore ways to improve digital wellbeing and digital culture.  I also deliver talks on reducing smartphone use and overcoming social media addiction.

My social media talks are usually focused on the relationship aspect of social media.  I don’t like baffling people with technology.  I want them to leave with an understanding of how they can use social media to attract new and returning customers.  Social media is about people. That’s what makes it SOCIAL.  Yet, a lot of businesses are put off by the technology side.  I enjoy showing businesses that it really isn’t that difficult if you focus on your social audience instead.

The feedback is often that audience members have something they can action straight away that will make a real difference to their lives or their business.  

My previous speaking engagements have included the SLCC roadshow, SPARK17 in Lesotho, Africa for ViiV Healthcare, United Bible Societies Conference in Berlin, The Big Social Media Conference in Manchester and the Social Media Summit in Dublin.