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The Social Media Super Success Plan!

Do you want to achieve social media super success in your business?

Do you want to share content that is interesting and relevant, rather than boring, to your audience?

Do you want to convert your audience in to paying customers?

I am so excited to share this course with you.  It's completely different to anything I've done before!

What I wanted to achieve with this course is a full breakdown of what you need to do to achieve social media SUPER success.  After the success of my first book, I wanted to build a plan based on the principles covered in the book.  

But the most important thing to me was that you wouldn't just learn, but that you would take action too.  And that's why this course is different!

Are you ready for social media super success?

Put simply, Sam Flynn opens social media doors and has made it so I "get it". Every course or webinar that I have attended run by Sam, I've come away knowing I've learned a lot. Sam is approachable and has an encouraging training style. The recent Social Media Super Success Plan Training was pitched at the right level with a great balance between learning and sharing knowledge in a fun and engaging way and the "To Do" actions at the end of each module gave me a steer and made me focus. Sam has been absolutely brilliant in helping me realise the potential of social media to utilise this in my job role. Thank you!

Suzanne Hardy, Eversheds Sutherland

What's included in The Social Media Super Success Plan?

  • 12 modules covering the steps to social media super success
  • Instant access to module 1 on sign up
  • Further modules delivered to your inbox every 3 days
  • Each module ends with actions to implement to move you along the path to social media super success
  • Access to course Facebook group to ask questions and share progress
  • Live Q&A with Sam at the end of the course
  • Additional surprise bonuses!! 
  • Money-back guarantee that makes the course pretty much FREE!

The reason I created this course, and why I think you should get involved...

Last year I released my first book, Social Media Super Success.  It has received great feedback for being an easy to follow guide to making social media work for your business.

And I wanted to elaborate on that.  I wanted a course that delivered the content of the book, with added extras.  In particular, I wanted there to be a focus on ACTION!

One thing that frustrates me about being a trainer, is that I cannot control what action is taken after.  I can follow up, see how things are going and chase.  But I can't make my clients take action.  It doesn't matter what you learn.  If you don't implement it, it will make no difference to your business.

And so, I wanted this course to be very action focused.  As such, each module ends with actions to take in your business to move you towards super success on social media!

The modules...

  • Module 1 - Social Media Strategy - Creating a plan of your approach for social media super success
  • Module 2 - Social Media Platforms - The platforms to focus on for the most success
  • Module 3 - Social Media Profiles - How to make your social media profiles stand out
  • Module 4 - Target Audience and Finding Them - Understand who your target audience is and how to encourage them to follow you
  • Module 5 - Social Media Content #1 - What you need to consider before creating content
  • Module 6 - Social Media Content #2 - Using images, video and live video
  • Module 7 - Social Media Content #3 - Other content ideas and running campaigns
  • Module 8 - Engagement and Building Relationships - How to encourage response, to build reach and to build relationships with your content
  • Module 9 - Measuring Success - Understanding what and how to measure to determine what is and isn't working
  • Module 10 - Social Media Advertising - What to promote in your adverts and how to target the right people
  • Module 11 - Your Social Media Action Plan - What to do you need to do to help you achieve social media super success
  • Module 12 - Live Q&A with Sam - Ask any questions you have about social media and applying what you have learnt to your own business

I recently completed a day of Social Media training led by Sam Flynn. I was captivated by her knowledge and professionalism, and I quickly realised that I was only browsing. I was taught how to develop social media accounts into powerful business tools that deliver real value.
I would thoroughly recommend engagement in Sam's teachings, a real investment. Thanks Sam!

Murray Blythe, Siemens

I really enjoyed the course yesterday,  it was so informative  but on a level even I understood!  Just saying now to one of my colleagues, probably the best “training” course I have been on.

Janet Jones, BPS Group Ltd

Sam made us think about our social media strategy and made us re-evaluate our goals. Not only is she worth every penny but she also made the training enjoyable.

Nick Massey, Forever Manchester

Join me in the Facebook Group and share your progress...

In The Social Media Super Success Plan Facebook group, you'll be able to share your progress and let us know how you are getting on with completing your actions!

You'll also be able to ask any questions you have about social media and get answers from both Sam and the course community.

And, Sam will share further knowledge in the Facebook group, including any recent social media updates!

You have lifetime access to the group, so the interaction doesn't need to stop when you complete Module 12.


Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think you’ll be able to win business to the value of the course (and beyond!), then you can have your money back.  Simply put, that means the course is practically free!  You either earn the money back or you get your money back!!!


Course bonuses...

Bonus #1

You'll receive a paperback copy of my book Social Media Super Success (worth £9.99)!  The course is based on the book, so it makes sense that you should get a copy of this too!

Bonus #2

You'll also receive surprise bonuses along the way!!!  Some will be sent in the post....

Bonus #3

And some surprise bonuses will take place online!!

This really is the best course I've ever released.  I'm so excited to share it with you and to help you achieve Social Media Super Success!

To recap, you'll be getting:

  • 12 modules of content in video format
  • All delivered online
  • Lifetime access to the modules
  • Live Q&A with Sam
  • Membership of The Social Media Super Success Plan Facebook group
  • A paperback copy of Social Media Super Success
  • Secret bonuses!!

To sign up, just click the link below and, once you've registered, you'll receive instant access to the first module and you can get started straight away!