Total Twitter Success Modules






Many of you were really keen to join the full Total Twitter Success program but either couldn’t commit to more than one session or only had specific areas of Twitter that you wanted to focus on.

So, I listened!!!  Introducing Total Twitter Success – The Modules!!!





Total Twitter Success is a fab 6 week course that gives you all you need to know about Twitter, and stuff you didn’t know you needed to know!!!!  But 6 weeks is proving too much of a commitment for many of you busy business owners and marketers out there!  And some of you feel you know most of it, but there are specific areas for which you could really do with a helping hand.

And so, you can now sign up for individual sessions rather than the whole course!

Each session lasts 2 hours and is priced at £57(+vat).  The sessions are all delivered live online and you’ll be sent a link to your session when you sign up!

You’ll also receive a recording of the session so you can go back over the content at any time.



So, who are the Total Twitter Success Modules for?

If you are:

  • A small business owner who is tweeting every day to little effect and feel you’re wasting your precious time online
  • A consultant or coach with a wealth of knowledge who would love to be renowned for what you do
  • A regular host of seminars who really struggles to fill the room
  • A stressed out business owner who feels like you are in a constant battle to bring in new customers
  • An author who wants to increase book sales
  • An information or internet marketer who wants to completely dominate the online world
  • A marketing executive displaying great results everywhere but Twitter
  • Or simply someone who has had enough of looking for new ways to bring in new business and just wants one that works!

Then this course is for you!


“Jam packed full of really useful information, tips and tools. I feel armed to attack Twitter really effectively and I now need to go away and totally change what I’ve been doing!  Everything has now clicked!” Alice Jackson – Madson Interim Solutions


But, before we get on to what’s going to be covered and why this is the right action for you, let me tell you why I am delivering this course!


Hi, I’m Sam Flynn – the social media success maker!  Ok, cheesy title I know!  But, it’s true!  I’ve helped businesses throughout the UK achieve success through social media.  Where before, they were tweeting in the dark, they now have a full strategy and approach that brings them in a steady stream of customers with very little time and effort on their part!

My background in business psychology has given me solid footings in understanding social media.  You see, while other social media trainers focus on the technology, my approach is different.  I focus on the relationship element of social media, and that is why my clients see such great success! 

I deliver training throughout the UK, as well as being a regular speaker at business events on the use of social media to win business.  I also get the majority of my customers through social media, so I know the power it has.

And I want you to achieve the same success with social media!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I want you to know that I too had no idea about social media when I started my first business at the naïve age of 24 years!  It was a completely new concept to me, but one I knew I needed to get the better of!  So, I invested 3 MONTHS of my time to learning everything I could about social media and, wow, did it benefit me!! 

I can’t promise to give you 3 months’ worth of knowledge in 6 weeks, but I can promise to give you the best bits! 

Since then, I’ve gone on to be the Entrepreneur’s Circle representative in Manchester, which has taught me so much about all areas of business growth.  The result has been that my training not only looks at social media, but how you can integrate social media in to all aspects of your business to really steer your business towards super success!



So, what will we be covering in each of the 6 modules?

Each module will focus on different areas of Twitter!  You may want to just come along for one session or book a few different modules! Full details and booking can be found below!!!


1. Understanding Twitter & Your BusinessWed 26th Sept 11am -1pm

In this module, we’ll talk through all the different aspects of Twitter you can utilise for maximum effect.  We’ll then delve in to specific  changes needed in your business to increase your chances of Twitter success.  The session will include:

  • Understanding your way round Twitter
  • How to use Twitter for business
  • Getting started on Twitter
  • Understanding how your business can benefit from Twitter
  • Creating products to sell on Twitter from services you may already be providing
  • Creating different packages to capitalise on your success
  • Using lead generation systems to capture leads through Twitter
  • Marketing to the leads you generate to turn them in to paying customers


2. Your Twitter Profile & What to Say

Thurs 4th Oct 11am – 1pm

In this module, I’ll cover how to get your Twitter profile looking so good, people will buy before you even say anything!  We’ll also look at what to say on social media and how you can use hashtags effectively to generate business.  The session will include:
  • Your Twitter profile picture – using imagery that stands out
  • Your Twitter bio – what to put in those 160 characters that will guarantee people want to do business with you
  • The design of your Twitter profile and making it look exciting to others
  • What to say on Twitter to win business while doing very little selling
  • The different types of update to post to meet your aims
  • Using hashtags effectively within your updates to generate more spread


3. Creating Twitter Campaigns & Finding Your Target Market

Wed 10th Oct 11am – 1pm

In this module, we’ll look at how you can create specific Twitter campaigns that generate lots of spread and noise about your brand.  We’ll also cover how to find your target market on Twitter.  The session will include:
  • Examples of campaigns that have lead to huge Twitter success
  • How you can create your own campaign to guarantee lots of spread and conversation about your brand
  • Using hashtags within your campaign that are completely unique to you
  • The different types of campaign you can run and how often to run them
  • Getting clear on who your target market is
  • Finding your target market on Twitter


4. Engaging on Twitter

Thurs 18th Oct 11am – 1pm

In this module, I’ll be talking about building relationships with your target market through Twitter.  I’ll also cover off how you can use lists on Twitter to really hone in on your target market.  The session will include:
  • Engaging with your target market to build effective business relationships
  • Using retweets, replies and mentions to maximum effect
  • Turning those you engage with in to paying customers
  • Using lists to go straight to the people you need to speak to
  • Following the lists of others to get to the right people


5. Running Twitter Searches & Managing Your Time

Wed 24th Oct 11am – 1pm

In this module, we’ll discuss how you can use Twitter searches to find people with a need for what you sell.  We’ll also talk about how to manage your time on Twitter, so it is a business generator rather than time vampire.  The session will include:
  • How to run searches to find people with a need for what you sell
  • Converting people found through searches in to paying customers
  • Running searches to find referrals and testimonials
  • Running searches to manage your reputation
  • Managing your time on Twitter
  • Using other tools to help with time management


6. Creating Your Twitter Strategy

Thurs 1st Nov 11am – 1pm

In this module, I’ll talk through how to create your own Twitter strategy that will meet all the aims you set for your Twitter activity.  We’ll also look at creating both content and engagement strategies.  The session will include:
  • Understanding what your aims are in using Twitter
  • How to create daily, weekly and monthly activities that meet these aims
  • Managing your activity in the least amount of time possible
  • Creating a content strategy so you’re never stuck for things to say
  • Creating an engagement strategy so  you are always building business relationships
  • Measuring the success of your Twitter activity to make sure it’s working
Plus, when you book to come along to one or more of the sessions, you’ll also have the opportunity to come along to my full day social media training event in Manchester in November for half price, saving you £73.50!
The modules will be content heavy, but there’ll also be the opportunity to get your questions answered.  And, if you can’t make it along to the live session, you can still get your questions answered via email!
I’ve also got a great guarantee for you when you book to come along to a Total Twitter Success session!


If you feel the content has not lived up to your expectations and you haven’t got value from the session, I will give you your money back!!  I want to make sure you get true value from every session you come along to! 



“Excellent! Feel like I can actually engage with Twitter and use it to develop business now” Jonathan Horlock – HFP Relocation



Reserve your place now by clicking on the sessions you want to join!


Understanding Twitter & Your Business. COMPLETED
Wed 26th Sept  11am – 1pm
Your Twitter Profile & What to Say [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=10]
Thurs 4th Oct  11am – 1pm
Creating Twitter Campaigns and Finding Your Target Market [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=11]
Wed 10th Oct  11am – 1pm
Engaging on Twitter [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=12]
Thurs 16th Oct  11am – 1pm
Running Twitter Searches & Managing Your Time [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=13]
Wed 24th Oct  11am – 1pm
Creating Your Twitter Strategy [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=14]
Thurs 1st Nov  11am – 1pm


This course really is worth every penny, as I know you can be winning regular business on Twitter!  Please give me the opportunity to show you how!

I look forward to seeing you soon!



p.s. Each session is going to be super focused on the content, but there will also be plenty of opportunity for you to get your questions answered!

p.p.s. I’m so certain you’ll love the session you join that, if you don’t, you’ll get all your money back!