FeedlyI love reading blogs. Both business ones and personal ones. I’m particularly in to mum blogs at the moment, and reading about others’ experience of motherhood!

And Feedly is a great tool to help me organise all the blogs I love to read.

Once you’ve found a great blog that you’d love to read each time there is a new post, just add the link to your Feedly account. You can then see all the new posts from your favourite blogs, without having to go on to the sites themselves!

And, you can organise your blogs in to different folders, making it easier to organise the way you consume online content!

This is also great for sharing OPC (other people’s content) on social media, as you quickly have access to some great posts that are worth sharing.

Growing knowledge through reading and learning is such a vital part of life to me. And Feedly has made this all the more easier!

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